About Amor Gems

Amor Gems is a licensed export and import company by the government of Kenya. Amor Gems is all about cutting natural gemstones from around the world and especially the ones from African. We are based in Nairobi where our main activity is value addition. The gemstones are precision cut to proper angles and meet, to acquire maximum brilliance and also show the best color. Our gemstones are cut for beauty and not weight retention. The faceting is done by Marvin Wambua, a Graduate Gemologist.

Being based in Nairobi gives an advantage in sourcing the rough to cut at Amor Gems. We buy our rough gemstones mainly from small scale miners and brokers, who are crucial in the Industry. In order to have a steady supply of rough gems, we pay very fair prices for the gemstones, which then allows us to sell at very competitive prices.

Our main focus is to serve the industry, mainly designers and jewelers; and not the general public.